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Almost immediately after President Biden took office, he issued an Executive Order directing OSHA to consider whether a COVID emergency temporary standard (ETS) was necessary and if so, to issue it by March 15, 2021.   The deadline came and went and for several months stakeholders were left to wonder whether an ETS would be forthcoming particularly since vaccines made it less likely OSHA could establish the necessary “grave danger” to do so.  On June 10, 2021, OSHA finally announced that it issued an ETS but limited it to health care and health care support services. OSHA also updated its COVID guidance for general industry recognizing the increasing population of vaccinated employees. 

Please join John S. Ho, former OSHA trial attorney and Co-Chair of Cozen O’Connor’s OSHA Workplace Safety Practice as he discusses:

  • Overview of Biden’s OSHA and where its headed (5 minutes)
  • Highlights of the Health Care ETS (5 minutes)
  • Overview of OSHA’s revised COVID-19 guidance (35 minutes)
  • Update on recording and reporting of confirmed COVID-19 cases (5 minutes)
  • Addressing whistleblower and retaliation concerns (5 minutes)
  • Other significant “hot” issues (5 minutes)


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