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Opioid-related deaths in the United States have reached nearly 100 per day; opioid-related healthcare costs are nearing an estimated $100 billion annually.  With this backdrop, in July 2017 Goldman Sachs released a report explaining how the increase in opioid use and abuse continues to contribute to the decline in prime-age worker participation in the labor force and the related negative impacts on economic growth. 

To address these issues, Attorneys General from over 40 states have issued subpoenas to multiple major opioid manufacturers and distributors to determine whether the companies engaged in any unlawful practices in the marketing and distributing of prescription opioids.  Whether the judicial process will be similar to that of the tobacco litigation of the last fifty years is an open question.  However, regulations are now being quickly implemented at the state level to control opioid utilization. 

Join us as Douglas A. Grimm, partner in the health care practice at Arent Fox LLP and David Gooch, Vice President, Lockton Companies, discuss the impact of the opioid epidemic, the steps employers can take to stabilize negative trends in their workforces, and the probable future regulatory environment for prescription opioids. 

Topics include: 

  • Current state of the opioid epidemic
  • Examination of the true costs of opioid addiction for both workers and employers
  • How improvements to the delivery of care for acute and chronic pain can stem the tide
  • Current regulatory and enforcement environment and likely future trends

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