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Why You Should Attend

Legal, political, and social controversies have rocked the world of online platforms in the past year, and the 2019 program will dive into some of the most pressing issues of regulation and social responsibility regarding online platforms and connected technologies. The EU has pioneered new regulations in privacy, online expression, and copyright law; the US is feeling the effects of Europe’s actions and is addressing long-brewing controversies over the relation between online platforms on the one hand and elections, state actors, political speech, and individuals on the other. This program will bring together some of the foremost thinkers and practitioners who are focusing on these issues.

What You Will Learn

  • Artificial Intelligence and algorithms: new responsibilities, new liabilities?
  • New developments and controversies in the regulation of online expression and privacy in the United States, EU and beyond
  • Political and social dynamics of online platforms and technologies: a primer for lawyers
  • In-house counsel reactions to legal developments regarding online platforms and the evolution of popular technologies
  • Jurisdictional conflicts and rivalries in a connected world

Who Should Attend

This program will benefit anyone who advises online platforms or marketplaces or consumer technology developers, who litigates for or against them, and who invests in new business or technology models or advises those investors. It will also benefit those who practice intellectual property law, technology law, media law, corporate law for startup or emerging growth companies, regulatory law, and litigation. This program features dynamic speakers and audience interaction.

Credit Details

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