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Please note that webcast program times are in Pacific Daylight Time.

Why You Should Attend

This year’s program promises to be exceptionally important and stimulating, with online platforms and popular technologies at the center of the whirlwind caused by political and social polarization, the pandemic, and other forces. The program prides itself on being up-to-the-minute, and it will adapt to focus on the highest value discussions of the day.

What You Will Learn

Attendees will hear from leading legal and policy experts and thinkers including experienced in-house counsel. Those who attend will:

  • Learn about the geopolitical and industry rivalries and debates about platforms and popular technologies
  • Hear about the implications of Brexit for platform regulations
  • Understand how the pandemic has affected, and will profoundly affect, issues relating to privacy, surveillance, AI and algorithms, and other topics
  • Gain insight into the politicization of social media platforms and communication technologies
  • Find connections among seemingly disparate topics of hate speech, copyright, and “fake news” through the lens of “content moderation”
  • Benefit from perspectives of seasoned in-house counsel, advisors, and litigators

Who Should Attend

This program will benefit anyone who advises online platforms or marketplaces or consumer technology developers, who litigates for or against them, and who invests in new business or technology models or advises those investors. It will also benefit those who practice intellectual property law, technology law, media law, corporate law for startup or emerging growth companies, regulatory law, and litigation. This program features dynamic speakers and audience interaction.

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