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The rise of online commercial mediation and arbitration has spawned a new set of best practices for neutrals and advocates, alike. While the proceedings are not in-person, they are far from virtual, as the consequences and impacts to parties are very real and any lack of preparation will show. Our faculty features the neutral's and advocate's perspectives as they share useful tips and insights for common areas for potential mistakes, errors and indiscretions by participants that may result in minor or significant consequences.
What You Will Learn

• Preparing for an online arbitration or mediation
• Tips for effective advocacy in online arbitrations and mediations
• Procedures during online arbitrations and mediations vs. in-person
• Assessing credibility of witnesses/parties in an online environment
• Best practices for effective witness presentation
• Preserving confidentiality in online arbitrations and mediations
• Trends in online alternate dispute resolution



PLI’s Studio Briefings are on-demand video CLE programs that feature an intimate and engaging round table discussion format with legal and industry experts addressing a range of topics.  Visit our landing page for our library of PLI Studio Briefings.


Credit Details

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