1-Hour Program

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Covid-19 caused devastating financial losses for many businesses.  Where do insurance coverage issues stand one year into this crisis?  Are policyholders being paid?  Are carriers still “investigating?”  Do you need to do anything now to protect your company?  During this One-Hour Briefing, Selena J. Linde and Vivek Chopra of Perkins Coie LLP will answer these questions and discuss the following:

  • How carriers are handling Covid-19 business interruption, event cancellation and supply chain claims (10 minutes);
  • Covid-19 insurance decisions in state and federal courts (25 minutes);
  • Where the fight remains: exclusions and coverage defenses under these policies (5 minutes);
  • How to preserve your coverage: suit limitation clauses and state statutes of limitation (10 minutes); and
  • Where to file suit: choice of law considerations (10 minutes).


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