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About 20 years ago, the New York Court of Appeals adopted the Standards of Civility. These are a set of aspirational best practices that guide attorneys in their professional interactions with clients, courts and other attorneys, beyond the mandatory requirements of the Rules of Professional Conduct. 

At the urging of the Chief Judge, the New York State Bar Association Committee on Attorney Professionalism ‎has reviewed and revised the Standards of Civility, both extending them expressly to cover non-litigation settings and modernizing them to reflect technological advances in the intervening years.  On April ‎13, 2019, the  New York State Bar Association House of Delegates adopted the amended Standards.

Particularly in today's world of instantaneous communication and heated discourse, ‎the Standards of Civility serve to raise awareness of the importance of civility and emphasize civility as a central principle to which to aspire.  Indeed, attorneys in New York may now be in a position to lead the way to renewed focus on civility throughout the country. 

Please join Andrew L. Oringer of Dechert LLP, who chairs the Committee on Attorney Professionalism, Robert I. Kantowitz, who chairs the subcommittee that was charged with revising the Standards of Civility, and Michael Miller, Immediate Past President, New York State Bar Association, as they address:

  • The history of the Standards of Civility‎,
  • How they came to be amended, and
  • The role of the Standards in today's world.  


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