6-Hour Program

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Please note, the Intellectual Property and Intangible Asset-Backed Financing Studio Briefing provides additional information regarding IP and intangible asset-backed financing, not covered by this program.

Our expert faculty will discuss key developments in the securities market, including the state of the markets, legislative and regulatory actions. 

Why You Should Attend

Traditional asset-backed securities markets, such as auto securitizations, commercial mortgage-backed securities, and credit card receivables continue with steady issuance volumes, while new markets, such marketplace lending, continue to develop. Other markets, such as private-label residential mortgage-backed securities, continue to struggle.

What You Will Learn

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze critical regulatory updates of the Securitization Markets
  • Assess the status of the RMBS and CMBS markets
  • Understand the impact of LIBOR’s end and the future of SOFR
  • Evaluate the latest on esoteric and consumer markets
  • ESG and Securitization Markets

Who Should Attend

Attorneys at law firms, corporations, investment banks, investment funds, and other financial institutions dealing with asset-backed securities or structured products. Business professionals who need to understand the securitization process.



Credit Details