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Why You Should Attend

Negotiation Workshop for Lawyers is one of our longest-running programs, and every year the Workshop continues to deliver an engaging and unique learning experience. Attendees learn negotiation theory, technique and strategy, then put those lessons to the test with a mock negotiation of a legal matter that may resemble transactions encountered in everyday practice. Crucially, attendees will learn the building blocks for successful negotiations, what kind of negotiators they are, and the various styles and techniques their future negotiation counterparties may employ in real-life practice.

Before the program, registrants are prompted to prepare for a hypothetical negotiation exercise that will take place on program day. During the program, attendees are immersed in negotiation’s foundational concepts as they are taught a range of preparation techniques, styles and negotiation strategies to be applied in a variety of situations and bargaining positions. A hypothetical exercise closes the day, bringing attendees to square off with an exercise partner and testing their retention of what was taught earlier in the day. Revealing and educational, this program will refresh any attendee’s notion of what good negotiation preparation and execution looks and feels like.


What You Will Learn 

• How to prepare for every stage of a negotiation
• Choosing between an “adversarial” or “problem-solving” approach
• Controlling the agenda, avoiding ethical traps
• Deciding between a cooperative and competitive style
• Getting, giving and guarding critical information in a negotiation
• Using argument, appeal, threat or promise to persuade your opponent
• Knowing when and how to concede without losing credibility


Special Features 

• Mock negotiation exercise


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