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Lawyers were once among the most trusted and well-regarded professionals in the country.  Over the last several decades, however, public opinion of the legal profession has declined.  Recent poll results show that only 18% of people rate the ethical standards of lawyers as "High" or "Very High," while 37% rate lawyers' ethical standards as "Low" or "Very Low."   

These statistics are troubling not only anecdotally but because they may make it harder for attorneys to defend against claims of legal malpractice when public perception of attorneys is low.  Although some of this bad reputation stems from popular culture representations of attorneys, attorneys have the ability to turn the tide.   

Please join Alanna G. Clair and Shari L. Klevens of Dentons US LLP for a session that will focus on what attorneys should know and what they can do to practice professionalism, including the following topics: 

  • Responses and edicts from Courts and bars on professionalism;
  • Being a zealous advocate without getting personal;
  • Disagreeing with opposing counsel without being disagreeable; and
  • Treating the law as a profession with individualized services.

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