Why You Should Attend 

This program features a lively discussion on the legal underpinnings defining the NCAA's student-athlete model and amateurism in college sports.  Our expert round table addresses ground-breaking case law and legislative and policy developments along with their related antitrust and right of celebrity implications to analyze what being a student-athlete in college sports means today and how that may change in the near future. 

What You Will Learn

  • Brief History of NCAA and its View of Amateurism and No Pay Rules - Summary of NCAA as Big Business, Summary of Current No Pay Rules under NCAA Amateurism Model, Arguments for Paying Student-Athletes, Arguments Against Paying Student-Athletes
  • Recent Legal Challenges to NCAA Amateurism Model – Antitrust, O’Bannon v. NCAA, The Student-Athlete Grant in Aid Cap Litigation, Failed Northwestern Unionization Effort
  • 2019 Fair Pay to Play Act - Terms of the California Law, Implications for the NCAA and California Schools, Implications for Student-Athletes, Implications for Agents, Implications for Female Athletes, Impact on the State and Federal Level, State Level Bill Proposals, Federal Bill Proposal, Potential Title IX, Antitrust and Labor Law Concerns, NCAA Response
  • Conclusion- Suggested Reforms to NCAA Model

Who Should Attend

Antitrust, intellectual property, sports and media lawyers should find this program informative and helpful to their practice. 

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