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During the wonderful transition to parenthood there are innumerable resources for information and advice on babies, children, and parenting.  This Briefing will offer advice on another aspect of that transition:  your parental leave from work.  During this talk, we will discuss best practices for managing your parental leave from the very start — who to tell, what to tell, when to tell, how to tell — through your return to work (and everything in between).   

Please join parental leave expert Karen Rubin, Senior Consultant at Preferred Transition Resources, and legal career coach Carlynn Magliano Sweeney, Managing Director at Preferred Transition Resources, for a Q&A style conversation about handling your parental leave from your legal employer, including topics such as:

  • How to decide when and how to announce your leave;
  • How to transition matters seamlessly;
  • How to stay connected/disconnect during your leave;
  • How to adjust to your new role and balance competing demands for your time;
  • How to prepare for re-entry; and
  • How to make flexible schedules work.


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