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For decades, business drivers have pushed multinationals to align or harmonize, internationally, more and more elements of compensation and benefits. Multinationals no longer get away with locally segregating or “siloing” all their remuneration systems, because cross-border project teams and instantaneous internal communications nudge employers’ pay, bonuses, commissions, benefits and equity (stock) offerings across borders. This is not only true at the executive level?these days, even “broad-based,” all-hands pay and benefits programs go global.

But harmonizing rewards programs across different markets and legal systems requires a proactive compliance strategy. The mechanics here inevitably get complex, multiplied by the number of countries involved.  A multinational inevitably faces many hurdles when it wants to launch, expand, improve or update any border-crossing pay, bonus, benefits or equity/stock “scheme”—and certainly whenever it wants to amend, reduce or discontinue one.

Please join Donald C. Dowling, Jr., Shareholder at Littler Mendelson P.C. for a fast-paced session that flushes out and confronts the legal obstacles to launching any compensation, benefits or equity plan that will apply across different jurisdictions. The program prepares you to craft, design and launch cross-border rewards offerings across all the relevant countries, confronting the tough problems including:

  • Threshold design issues (like business case, tax treatment, local foreign laws, payor entity): 20 minutes
  • Logistical hurdles (like ripple effects on other pay, definitions, eligibility criteria): 20 minutes
  • Legal compliance concerns (like vested rights; acknowledgements/consents/covenants, old plan documents, clawbacks; choice-of-law, data privacy): 15 minutes
  • Launch logistics (like translations, labor consultations, aligned local versions): 5 minutes


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