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We are in a time when novel—and sometimes unpopular—solutions are being proposed to address cybersecurity and discovery of electronic information. Unpopularity may arise from unfamiliarity with a particular technology such as artificial intelligence and facial recognition, and from the need to allocate scarce resources on such a technology. Join three data veterans as they follow up on their Briefing Best Unpopular Ideas for Cybersecurity and Electronic Discovery and focus on the pros and cons of monitoring employees to determine who might be an insider threat to corporate data, allowing use of personal email on corporate systems and devices, and instituting and maintaining reasonable security measures for electronic information.  Experts will:

  • Examine why and how technologies such as artificial intelligence and facial recognition are being incorporated into corporate processes – 15 minutes
  • Consider the use of electronic communications systems from the viewpoints of both employer and employee – 10 minutes
  • Weigh the reasonableness and effectiveness of security measures for corporate information – 20 minutes
  • Consider processes that might be implemented to deal with increasing volumes and varieties of electronic information in litigation – 15 minutes



Ronald J. Hedges, Senior Counsel at Dentons US LLP (former US Magistrate Judge)

Seth Eichenholtz, Head of E-Discovery and Insider Threat Risk Management at Mastercard

Patrick J. Burke, Data Technology & Cybersecurity Partner at Phillips Nizer LLP (formerly Dep. Superintendent at NYS DFS)



Credit Details

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