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Why You Should Attend

Approximately 20 percent of Americans experience some type of mental illness in a given year, and the prevalence of mental disorders among individuals involved in the criminal justice system, and some areas of the civil legal system, is even higher. At this year’s Mental Health Issues & the New York State Courts program a multi-disciplinary faculty will discuss mental health issues from the perspectives of bail reform, neurodevelopmental disorders, and sentencing.  This program is designed for New York State judges, court attorneys, law clerks, prosecutors, defense attorneys, attorneys in private practice, and mental health system professionals involved in the New York State justice system.


What You Will Learn

  • New York's new bail legislation; how will this new legislation impact Article 730 competency proceedings?  What will be the impact on attorney practice?
  • The changing role of problem-solving courts given bail reform mandates 
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders and their relationship to criminal justice involvement: what lawyers need to know, including practice tips
  • Sentencing: death penalty, incarceration, and community-based dispositions


Credit Details

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