3-Hour Program

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Many attorneys face significant obstacles to their mental health and well-being due to long hours, challenging expectations, and other facets of the legal profession. Recognizing that these challenges could negatively impact attorney competence, many law firms, companies, and organizations have created programs to help improve attorney well-being.  Whether or not your organization has a formal attorney wellness initiative, this program will offer resources, strategies, and techniques to help you improve your well-being and maintain your competence as an attorney. We will also cover tips for how attorneys can manage their well-being in the current COVID-19 environment. Our faculty of experienced attorneys, professional development and well-being professionals, consultants, authors, coaches, and advocates will provide guidance on how you can take control of your well-being and legal career. Attorneys and allied professionals who want to improve their well-being to increase their professional competence should attend.


What You Will Learn 

• Overcoming the stigma of mental health and substance use challenges to maintain attorney competence
• Exploring ways to leverage your organization’s wellness program
• Gaining strategies to take ownership of your own well-being
• Understanding the importance of physical wellness
• Learning how to achieve financial wellness
• Managing your well-being in the current Covid-19 environment
• Gaining resources and tools that have been proven to increase attorney well-being and competence



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