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In 2018, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) approved unprecedented Medicaid work requirements in a number of states. Multiple lawsuits were subsequently filed challenging the legality of the approvals. By June 2018, a federal court had struck down the first set of work requirements and the court is set to rule on a second set of work requirements in early 2019. This briefing, conducted by a lawyer working on the case, will provide an overview of the legal issues and arguments around Medicaid work requirements, as well as a description and update of the litigation thus far.

Please join Leonardo Cuello, Director of Health Policy at the National Health Law Program (NHeLP), as he:

  • Provides an overview of the legal framework at issue in Medicaid work requirements
  • Summarizes and discusses the litigation to date
  • Analyzes some of the policy implications of Medicaid work requirements


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