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Nearly a decade in the making, Massachusetts adopted two new and related laws that became effective October 1 of last year. One of those laws overhauls Massachusetts trade secrets laws and practice, while the other codifies existing Massachusetts noncompete agreement law and makes fundamental changes that other states have since been considering enacting themselves. 

This seminar will discuss, among other things, the following aspects of the new trade secrets law: 

  • How Massachusetts trade secrets law has changed
  • How Massachusetts trade secrets law differs from other states
  • How the law integrates with federal trade secrets law 
  • How Massachusetts practice has changed

The seminar will also discuss, among other things, the following aspects of the new noncompete law:

  • What types of agreements are covered by the new law, and which are not, and what is unclear
  • Who can be bound by a noncompete and who cannot
  • What are the new requirements for consideration, and what exactly is all the brouhaha over garden leave about
  • How to comply with the new procedural requirements
  • The impact of the new law on pre-existing agreements

The briefing will also touch on recent legislative initiatives around the country and in Congress. 

Join us to learn about the new laws, how they have been affecting current practice, and how the law is likely to develop moving forward.

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