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With the second wave of COVID-19 rampantly spreading across the country, testing has become more important than ever.  The news that two vaccines - from Pfizer and Moderna - are ahead of schedule is encouraging.  With a roll out of a vaccine imminent, employers may seek to require employees to take the COVID-19 vaccine and consider any liability risks for employers in mandating vaccinations and testing for employees.

Certain people, such as health care professionals, are required to get flu shots and other vaccines in many states.  However, these are not required for most professionals.  Will there be a dramatic shift in vaccination and testing requirements affecting many more professions, given the disruption that the pandemic has caused?  What if employees request a religious or health exemption?

We invite you to join Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP employment litigation partners Mark W. Lerner and Jessica Taub Rosenberg, who continue to provide strategic guidance on COVID-19 issues to clients, in a presentation where they will discuss:

  • legal issues to consider when deciding whether to mandate testing and vaccines [15 minutes];
  • workplace protocols in reporting results [15 minutes];
  • policy considerations for employees with religious or medical exemptions [15 minutes]; and
  • how to address liability risks that may arise with mandating internal testing and vaccinations [15 minutes].



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