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We live in an age of electronic information of increasing volumes and varieties. This information can have value (think virtual currencies as one example) and can be an asset – or a liability – of an individual. Indeed, that asset or liability can be a feature of estate planning and can also be a factor in the care and treatment of an individual who’s disabled or incompetent.

Join expert faculty as they discuss, among other things:

  • Electronic information as a personal asset or liability – 25 minutes
  • Access to electronic information by an executor or administrator of an estate or by a personal representative of an incapacitated individual – 20 minutes
  • Estate planning involving digital assets – 15 minutes



Ronald J. Hedges, Dentons US LLP

Brittany J. Maxey-Fisher, Maxey-Fisher, PLLC

Stacey L. Turmel, The Internet is for Everyone, LLC



Program Level:  Update

Intended Audience:  Attorneys, accountants, CPAs, estate-planning and financial-planning professionals  

Prerequisites:  None

Advanced Preparation:  None



Credit Details

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