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SCHOLARSHIPS are available!  Housing Counselors, Attorneys, Staff and Volunteers working with Nonprofits, Legal Services Organizations and Government Agencies, among many other eligibility categories are encouraged to APPLY for complimentary registration to attend this program.

Why You Should Attend
The pandemic has left homeowners and tenants struggling to survive.  Job losses as businesses have shut down due to stay-at-home orders have reduced income.  Federal and state measures to provide temporary resources have provided a partial salve that still leaves many residents nationally in an uncertain position financially.  Homeowners are in danger of losing their home as they cannot afford to pay their mortgage with job loss, and furlough, and sometimes from the loss of rental income from roommates in their home.  Tenants, in multi-family properties in particular, face pressure to move out despite eviction moratoria.  With the disparate impact of Covid-19 on communities of color, the added pressure of potential loss of their home adds a tremendous strain.  Overlapping laws have created confusion for residents regarding their rights, and mortgage forbearance laws, which only reach about 60% of the U.S. homeownership market, are time delimited.  This session will provide an overview of the legal rights and loss mitigation options of homeowners who are struggling to keep the family home, as well as an overview of the legal rights of tenants struggling to stay housed, covering both federal and California-specific laws and regulations.

What You Will Learn
  • Types of loss mitigation options available for homeowners with federally insured mortgages
  • Loss mitigation strategies for homeowners with non-federally insured mortgages
  • Strategies for addressing problems with mortgage servicers
  • Federal and California state law protections for tenants unable to pay rent
  • Federal and California state law protections for tenants facing harassment or discrimination
  • Key legal claims that homeowners can pursue to remedy home improvement contractor and financing abuses

  • Who Should Attend
    Housing Counselors and other Practitioners (i.e. legal aid attorneys or advocates) who represent homeowners as to financing and loss mitigation concerns, or are considering doing so.  Housing Counselors and other practitioners who want to learn the basics of current state and federal laws available to protect tenants from eviction, harassment and discrimination.

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