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One of the challenges facing law firms and corporate law departments as a result of the pandemic is how to get control of the data that lawyers and employees who are working remotely have created and stored outside of the corporate computer system.  This data may be privileged information, confidential or proprietary client data, personally identifiable information subject to various privacy and security laws, relevant to business operations and subject to regulatory audits.  Depending on the law firm or law departments’ electronic device policies and practices, this information could be residing on lawyers’ personal computers and other devices or on drives on company owned devices that are not accessible to the firm or law department.

Our speakers, Gail Gottehrer, Founder of the Law Office of Gail Gottehrer, LLC, Justin S. Daniels, Shareholder at Baker Donelson and Jon P. Washburn, Chief Information Security Officer at Stoel Rives LLP will discuss:

  • Where this data could be located;
  • How law firms and law departments can go about getting the data;
  • The cybersecurity risks and potential liabilities of not recovering this data;
  • The issues that arise when data is stored on personal devices of former employees or individuals who have been subject to, or are about to be affected by, layoffs or furloughs; and
  • Suggested best practices for remote workforce data management.



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