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Why You Should Attend
Threats of increased immigration enforcement, promises of increased hiring of immigration and border patrol agents, and the elimination of “priority enforcement” categories likely mean a return to unconstitutional practices such as racial profiling and unreasonable searches and seizures, forced entry into homes, and workplace raids. The constitution provides a remedy for egregious constitutional violations by immigration authorities: immigration courts may exclude evidence obtained through such means and terminate the removal proceedings.  

What You Will Learn
We will cover the legal standards and immigration court procedures that govern suppression and termination motions. We will provide sample briefs and checklists for proving the elements necessary to succeed in a motion to suppress and related motions, including motions to terminate removal proceedings.

Who Should Attend
Suppression hearings are based on constitutional law and therefore are well-suited pro bono opportunities for immigration and non-immigration attorneys alike. Anyone who is interested in providing pro bono representation to individuals whose constitutional rights were violated in the course of an arrest—either alone or with a group that is representing multiple people arrested in a mass enforcement action—would benefit from this training.

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