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What are the consequences of using passive voice and the benefits of using active voice during the patent application drafting process?  Join Jason M. Perilla of Thomas | Horstemeyer, LLP, a former primary patent examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, as he introduces and explores the use of active voice in drafting patent claims.  Learn how to claim the important aspects of an invention using active voice rather than simply painting the “circumstances” surrounding the invention.  Discussions will include:

  • How to organize and prioritize the important aspects of an invention before drafting patent claims
  • How to identify the “actors” of an invention, particularly in the context of computer-environment-related inventions
  • Avoiding the use of “wherein” clauses and other claim limitations that are unhinged from a particular actor and, perhaps, the invention itself
  • Leveraging active voice to help avoid “abstract idea” rejections under § 101


Credit Details

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