2-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend

The sports industry is a billion dollar business affecting a number of different entities and individuals – from organizing bodies and leagues to teams and players to sponsors and media companies.  A number of different rights are at stake, as well as the dollars that go along with them.  This program, addressing current trends in sports marketing and media, is designed to be a discussion amongst experts, reflecting on past deals and providing strategies necessary to get ahead in the broad landscape sports marketing and media.  Covering a wide range of topics including sponsorship, event production, ambush marketing, content production, rights licensing, and trademark protection and enforcement, this program will provide practitioners representing parties on all sides of the deal with the expertise to move the ball forward.


What You Will Learn         

  • Learn about current strategies for sponsorships, from both the sports property and the sponsor side of the deal
  • Compare and contrast an advertiser’s decision to sponsor an event vs. producing its own event.
  • Explore issues with respect to an athlete’s intellectual property, through both content creation and trademark protection
  • Obtain practical strategies with respect to producing “associational marketing” or preventing “ambush marketing”
  • Get tips on how to navigate the complex maze of rights holders in the sports industry


Who Should Attend

This program is designed for firm attorneys, in-house counsel, marketing executives, and allied professionals who practice in the fields of sports, advertising, media, and entertainment law.

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