1-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend
This program features a lively discussion on a range of legal ethics situations inspired by scenes in the novel, Unreasonable Doubts. Our faculty includes the author - a former a criminal appellate attorney - reviewing various legal ethics rules and the potential ethical lines crossed with two expert legal ethics counsel. The ethics analysis also includes related discussion on attorney mental health, what "communicating" means now and how ethical rules can tie into each other, creating the potential for a lawyer's single action to trigger violations of several ethics rules.
What You Will Learn
  • Reviewing the Obligation of Zealous Advocacy and Attorney “Burn-Out”
  • Rules Regarding Attorney Communication with the Media
  • Ethical Pitfalls in In-Person Client Meetings
  • Rules Governing Written Correspondence with Client
  • Ethical Lines Addressing Personal Relationships with Clients/Former Clients
  • Reporting A Client’s Criminal Conduct to Others

Who Should Attend
Lawyers interested in learning about legal ethics through a conversational format should find this program engaging and informative.

Credit Details

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