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Why You Should Attend

This program features experienced advocates for attorney mental health and wellness and a senior member of law school administration discussing the law student and new lawyer mental health.  They explore how mental health concerns can manifest early in the law student stage and grow well into the advanced stages of a lawyer's practice, touching on early signs, triggers and self-care steps to help spot potential issues and build lasting mental health resilience.  The discussion also includes practical and constructive ways that law schools, law firms and legal departments can adopt to reduce stigmas that may keep individuals from coming forward with their concerns and may keep these institutions from creating an environment best suited to support law students and new lawyers.

What You Will Learn 

  • The stigma in openly discussing mental health in law schools
  • What can law schools do to help students to promote mental health awareness and resilience?
  • How can employers and professionals in the field support new lawyers to foster a culture that promotes mental health awareness, positive habits and resilience?
  • How addressing mental health concerns ties to lawyer professional competence
  • How law students and new lawyers can recognize signs of a potential mental health issue and how to seek help

Who Should Attend

The program focuses on the law student and new lawyer experience, but all lawyers across experience levels should find this program informative.


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