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Why You Should Attend:
In recent years, the Supreme Court has taken up appeals involving copyrights, patents, and trademarks.  Unlike courts where the litigant has a right to have its case heard, the first step in a Supreme Court appeal requires petitioning the Court to accept the case.  Preparing a petition for certiorari (or opposing one) involves unique points of advocacy.  And then, when the Court accepts a case, the nature of the justices and oral argument involves additional opportunities and challenges. 

What You Will Learn:
This roundtable will consider: 

  • What are the unique aspects of the certiorari stage of a Supreme Court appeal?
  • How to frame an intellectual property case for the Supreme Court’s generalist justices?
  • What is it like to argue before the Supreme court, and how do you read the tea leaves of the Court’s questions? 

Who Should Attend:
IP lawyers and practitioners advising on Supreme Court appeals should find this program to be informative. 

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Credit Details

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