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Throughout its history intellectual property law in general and copyright law in particular have raised core questions about who is an author or an inventor, what extent a work or invention can be freely copied, and when is it legally permissible to copy a work to criticize or comment on it.  These themes are particularly important to members of underrepresented groups, who seek to protect their rights as well as to use works that may be considered more mainstream to make a larger commentary on society.  Moreover, there are times that, although morally questionable, the law simply does not provide a remedy. 

What You Will Learn:
This roundtable will consider: 

  • Where do diversity, equity, and inclusion concerns intersect with intellectual property rights? 
  • How do members of different underrepresented groups protect their intellectual property? 
  • When is copying of another’s work permissible, and when is it morally responsible? 

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Credit Details

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