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Why You Should Attend:

IP Discussions with Joshua Simmons is a series of conversations hosted by nationally recognized intellectual property litigator, Joshua Simmons. Each month, Josh is joined by a panel of IP luminaries, leading scholars, and industry insiders. Together, they examine major topics and events in a civil, roundtable format. 

Journalism has been called the “the lifeblood of a free, democratic society,” and so it is. As the Supreme Court has warned, however, in society’s haste to disseminate news, it must not be forgotten that copyright is an engine of free expression that, by creating a right that can be marketed, sold, and licensed, supplies an incentive to create and disseminate those ideas. News agencies and reporters rely on those protections to fund their journalistic efforts. At the same time, they rely on limitations on those rights to ensure their ability to report the news of the day. 

What You Will Learn:

After completing this program, viewers will be able to address: 

  • What intellectual property protections does the news rely upon? 
  • What exceptions and limitation to intellectual property rights apply to news? 
  • How do First Amendment principles affect intellectual property principles? 

Who Should Attend:

IP lawyers and practitioners advising on news should find this program to be informative. 

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