1-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend:

IP Discussions with Joshua Simmons is a series of conversations hosted by nationally recognized intellectual property litigator, Joshua Simmons. In each episode, Josh is joined by a panel of IP luminaries, leading scholars, and industry insiders. Together, they examine major topics and events in a civil, roundtable format.

Courts have from time to time referred to intellectual property as conferring a monopoly, thereby raising antitrust concerns. Over the years, however, courts have moved beyond assumptions that such “monopolies” create market power. Nevertheless, antitrust and intellectual property have remained intertwined.

What You Will Learn:

• In what ways are antitrust concerns implicated in intellectual property cases?
• How have courts approached patents that are alleged to be essential to standardized technology?
• Do long-standing licensing regimes implicate antitrust concerns?

Who Should Attend:

IP lawyers and practitioners advising on antitrust’s role in IP cases should find this program to be informative.

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