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IP Discussions with Joshua Simmons is a series of conversations hosted by nationally recognized intellectual property litigator, Joshua Simmons. Each month, Josh is joined by a panel of IP luminaries, leading scholars, and industry insiders. Together, they examine major topics and events in a civil, roundtable format.

Why You Should Attend

Brand owners use trademarks to help purchasers distinguish their goods and services from those of their competitors, and to avoid consumer confusion. Trademarks also are an important asset in brand owners’ IP portfolios. Yet, courts must balance the public’s interest in providing these important rights with its interest in free expression protected by the First Amendment.

What You Will Learn

• What approaches have courts adopted to balance trademark’s commercial and consumer protection functions
with free speech principles?
• Where is the line between commercial speech and an expressive work protected by the First Amendment?
• How have different circuits adopted the Rogers v. Grimaldi doctrine differently?

Who Should Attend

IP lawyers and practitioners engaged in matters pertaining to consumer products and consumer rights should find this program to be informative.


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