1-Hour Program

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Why you should participate

Knowing how to conduct efficient and effective internal investigations is crucial to protecting your clients or company. Properly conducted, an internal investigation will help to identify risks and remedy potential issues. During this entertaining and immersive “serious game” you will plan and conduct an internal investigation as a member of a fictional law firm and present your findings to management.

What you will learn

This self-paced simulation will teach you the art of planning and conducting witness interviews, fact gathering and much more. Topics include:

  • Determining the nature and scope of an investigation.
  • Examining issues related to document retention and confidentiality.
  • Crafting an appropriate interview question.
  • Delivering an effective “Upjohn statement.”
  • Eliciting cooperation and gathering the most information possible from witnesses.
  • Confronting an uncooperative or untruthful witness.
  • Dealing with risks and ethical dilemmas that arise during an investigation.
  • Managing the investigation stakeholders appropriately, considering their loyalties and relationships.
  • Interviewing in-house counsel and other senior members of management.
  • Preparing a final investigation report for company management.

Who should participate

This experience is intended for inside and outside counsel, compliance officers, and others who conduct internal investigations.


Episode 1: Meet the General Counsel (10 minutes)

Episode 2: Conduct the First Interview (10 minutes)

Episode 3: Interview Witnesses (15 minutes)

Episode 4: Challenge an Uncooperative Witness (15 minutes)

Episode 5: Conduct a Time-Constrained Interview (15 minutes)

Episode 6: Submit the Final Report (10 minutes)

Credit Details

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