9-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend

This premier conference on telecommunications policy and regulation features a faculty of expert practitioners, in-house counsel from telecommunications organizations, and high-level officials from the FCC who will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of cutting-edge issues facing the telecommunications industry today. The program will address critical trends and the latest developments, including wireless, wireline telecommunications, broadband Internet, privacy and cybersecurity issues and legislative updates. The Institute also focuses on industry competition, convergence and consolidation across a wide range of perspectives. This program is ideal for those looking to get up to speed on the significant developments of 2020.

What You Will Learn

  • Hear about key wireless developments, updates regarding 5G and more
  • Analyze legislative updates 
  • Break down new technologies and issue spot for the future
  • Review recent issues in broadband, media and wireline
  • Learn about thorny challenges across the telecom privacy and cybersecurity landscape
  • What’s new in satellite and space technology
  • To repeal or not to repeal: Section 230 in the crosshairs
  • Data privacy and cybersecurity issues specific to the telecommunications industry

Credit Details

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