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Why You Should Attend 

Because businesses today are driven by data and digital assets, data privacy and cybersecurity issues have become mission-critical. The Internet, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and evolving information technologies employ powerful tools to collect, combine, analyze, use, store, and dispose of personal information. The November 2022 release of ChatGPT has fueled a firestorm of questions about the great responsibility that comes with the extraordinary power of data-driven generative AI. These rapidly changing data trends create a wide range of compliance and liability issues, while raising the stakes for protecting such data in challenging risk environments, ranging from internal vulnerabilities to criminal cyberattacks and other threats. New laws and obligations are continually emerging from legislators, regulators, and the courts to address the corresponding privacy and cybersecurity implications. This annual conference focuses on the latest developments, along with strategic approaches, to keep attorneys and other privacy and cybersecurity professionals up-to-date and ready to respond effectively in this complex and dynamic area.

What You Will Learn

After completing this program, participants will be able to:  

• Discuss strategies for minimizing privacy and security risks associated with artificial intelligence, including generative AI

• Identify what’s new on data protection legal developments in the U.S., from coast-to-coast and at the federal level, including the growing number of comprehensive US privacy frameworks

• Apply privacy and security lessons learned from recent FTC and state attorney general enforcement actions

• Understand critical privacy considerations in the US and globally for employers monitoring and managing employees wherever they work 

• Know the latest developments beyond the US, including the EU, and compare key trends in global data protection law developments

• Recognize ethical and cyber-risk management issues in using information and technology, including AI

• Keep up with cybersecurity challenges using practical approaches to a continually changing threat landscape

• Define essential components of implementing privacy and cybersecurity measures, with the latest insights of CPOs and CISOs 

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for attorneys and professionals who provide advice on information data privacy and cybersecurity strategy, compliance, and risk management issues. This program will presume a general familiarity with privacy and data security issues and is intended for intermediate to advanced professionals looking to hone their skills.

Special Feature

• Earn Continuing Privacy Education credit

Program Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: An interest in privacy and cybersecurity issues. 

Advanced Preparation: None

Credit Details

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