1-Hour Program

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What is information governance and why is it important?  The session will examine obligations incumbent upon organizations requiring them to manage their electronic information.  It will include a wide-ranging discussion of topics related to information governance including knowledge management, data privacy, cybersecurity, litigation readiness, and regulatory compliance.  Risks associated with poor data governance will be addressed and methods used to reduce risk will be discussed.

Expert faculty will:

  • Provide attendees with a better understanding of data management obligations incumbent on their organization and their clients [20 minutes]
  • Address the impact of data privacy laws upon information governance protocols [20 minutes]
  • Explain the organizational benefits of creating and following a valid Information governance plan [20 minutes]



Joseph C. Bartolo




Lauren Doerries



Christa R. Haskins

Becton, Dickinson and Company


Susan Wortzman

McCarthy Tétrault LLP


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