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The former (and first) compliance counsel to the United States Department of Justice, Hui Chen, recently observed in a Harvard Business Review article, Why Compliance Programs Fail, that compliance is properly understood as a behavioral science.  This insight enables important opportunities in how we think about, design, and measure the effectiveness of compliance programs.  This Briefing builds on that opportunity by focusing on the foundation of human behavior: culture.  But what is culture, really?  How do you determine what your organization’s culture is?  And how do you measure, compare, and most importantly, improve it?  Slogans, awareness campaigns, and events are great, but lean-performing organizations and skeptical regulators require more rigor, analysis, and metrics.

This Briefing will demonstrate innovative tools for defining, measuring, and systematically improving your organization’s compliance culture.   The presenters will draw on their diverse, hands-on experience as social scientists, organizational leaders, in-house counsel and compliance professionals and culture analysts to present an interdisciplinary perspective and describe application of proven strategies and methods to address real-world issues.  The presentation is intended to provide attorneys, compliance and human resources professionals, and business owners and leaders with practical perspectives and tools to identify, measure, and improve their organizations’ integrity and compliance culture. 

This presentation will address the following issues:  

  • What is organizational culture, and what is the relationship between organizational culture, compliance program effectiveness, and the federal sentencing guidelines?
  • How can compliance culture measurement be leveraged to address the questions of regulators, investigators, and Inspector Generals, and demonstrate compliance program performance?
  • What is the effect of organizational culture on compliance performance?
  • How can we use data to measure organizational culture and its impact on compliance performance?
  • How can organizational culture be analyzed and quantitatively benchmarked?
  • How can an organization’s compliance and integrity culture be improved?
  • How can these methods and tools be utilized to build more effective, efficient, continuously improving compliance programs and performance?
  • How can these insights be effectively communicated to your organization’s leadership and key stakeholders?   


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