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Crafting a legal brief, an important client memo, or a transactional document is a routine but important part of every lawyer's day and a core component of the job. Because lawyers are paid to write, they should consider themselves to be professional writers. As professional writers, lawyers must learn all they can about writing to improve this essential skill. They must create and then follow a sound writing process to produce documents that clearly and concisely get the essential points across to the reader to ensure the writing is properly completed on time and on budget. By attending this seminar, you’ll learn clear and concise ways to improve your professional writing skills, a process to use for any complex legal writing project that will help you complete the project on time and on budget, and the most important writing preferences to follow when writing for professional readers—judges and clients. 

Please join Dave Dolkas of Dolkas Teaching and Coaching and learn: 

  • How to evaluate and strengthen your professional writing skills
  • How to apply a writing process (called the ICE-T Process) to complete a complex legal writing project on time and on budget 
  • How to use a RACI matrix to define roles and responsibilities for the writing team
  • How to use Google’s SmartSheet as a project management tool for managing the complex legal writing project
  • How to use easy-to-apply software applications to improve the efficiency and quality of your professional legal writings
  • How to avoid common mistakes made by professional legal writers that result in poor quality and/or over-budget writing projects
  • How to apply key writing preferences to improve the quality of important legal documents



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