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On June 1, 2020, the U.S. Department of Justice, Criminal Division, updated its guidance on the “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs” to provide increased clarity on several of the key questions prosecutors might ask in assessing the adequacy of compliance programs when making charging, plea, sentencing and settlement determinations. In this Briefing, Rebecca Walker and Jeffrey M. Kaplan of Kaplan & Walker LLP will explore this important development, including discussion of:

  • Practical implications of the revisions for developing and improving key elements of compliance programs such as risk assessment, board oversight, the tone at the top and the middle, the role of the compliance officer, policies, training, auditing, helplines, investigations, discipline and incentives
  • The various contexts in which meeting the revised standards can be consequential to companies
  • Use of revised standards to conduct program assessments


Program Level:  Update

Intended Audience:  In-house counsel, compliance officers and other compliance professionals, outside attorneys, auditors, accountants and others with responsibility for implementation of compliance programs and other compliance controls 

Prerequisites:  None

Advanced Preparation:  None

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