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As COVID-19 continues to spread across the country causing widespread health and economic instability, immigrant communities are facing unique challenges related to the virus.  Immigration enforcement and detention have continued during this time, trapping vulnerable people in dangerous conditions, while immigrants often lack access to many of the federal, state and local government relief options being developed to help with this crisis.

In this program, Tanya Broder and Shiu-Ming Cheer of the National Immigration Law Center and Eunice Hyunhye Cho of the ACLU’s National Prison Project will discuss the impacts of existing and newly passed legislation on immigrant families, existing protections against immigration enforcement, and new litigation to protect the rights of immigrant detainees during this public health emergency.

This presentation will cover:

  • Health/benefits/tax provisions affecting immigrants
    • New federal legislation – Family First Coronavirus Response Act, CARES Act
  • The laws limiting state and local entanglement in federal immigration enforcement
    • What states and localities can do to strengthen those laws and policies

  • Litigation challenges to release immigrants from detention in light of COVID-19


Credit Details

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