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September 18, 2017,  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm (E.T.)

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma left a massive trail of destruction, floods, power loss and business interruptions and closures.  Now that these horrific back-to-back storms have passed, the legal issues to be addressed and answered must be identified and fast, accurate and practical answers provided to those individuals and businesses in need.   Although damage issues vary on a case-by-case basis, knowing the accurate answers to the most frequently asked questions is the first step toward a meaningful recovery.  This One-Hour Briefing will provide answers to your leasing and insurance issues. 

Expert faculty will discuss:  

  • Assessing and responding to landlord and tenant inquiries regarding lease rights, duties, obligations and remedies with respect to damaged premises
  • Ascertaining the scope of insurance coverage, exclusions and limitations in the aftermath of the storms and insurance advice to give for the future
  • Developing, publicizing, implementing and adapting a business continuity plan to expedite a return to normalcy  

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