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When it comes time to present your case to your audience (jury, judge, arbitrator, or mediator), you must present it through story. Why? Because your audience is genetically wired to be affected by and transformed through storytelling. Storytelling is the most powerful form of persuasion and the most efficient and effective structure to use in presenting your case. This seminar teaches the key principles for turning your message into a memorable, believable, and highly visualized story.

Please join Dave Dolkas of Dolkas Teaching and Coaching as he offers specific and practical methods and techniques to take the evidence of your case and present it through a compelling and persuasive narrative. 

Topics to be addressed include:

  • The mechanics of storytelling: story arc; character, conflict, and change; plots and subplots; the difference between features and benefits
  • How great brands use and exploit the power of storytelling
  • How to flourish as the trusted-guide/storyteller
  • Linear and backward-forward storytelling; how and why to use these alternative-story structures
  • How to make the story’s message stick in your audience’s memories
  • How to make the story appeal to the audience’s emotional and logical brains (i.e., how to win their hearts and minds)
  • The four principles to follow to visualize your story: eliminate, isolate, animate, and orchestrate

Credit Details

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