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Workplace health and safety was traditionally an inherently local topic emerging from each local jurisdiction’s own workplace health and safety code and workers’ compensation system. But in this age of multinational employers’ headquarters driven human resources initiatives, many multinationals find a strong business case to align certain aspects of workplace health and safety across borders.  Multinationals now promulgate company-wide workplace health and safety initiatives—cardinal safety rules and pandemic plans, for example. In addition, multinationals now take a global approach to the related “duty of care” issue—protecting individual expatriates and international business travelers in overseas danger zones and beyond.

Please join Donald C. Dowling, Jr., shareholder at Littler Mendelson P.C. for this fast-paced hour.      

What you will learn

  • How proactive multinationals  take steps to align, across their worldwide operations, aspects of health and safety with a cross-border dimension
  • A global approach to overseas local employee “health and safety committees”
  • Strategies for minimizing “duty of care” damages exposure—personal injuries to expatriates and overseas business travelers 

Who should attend

  • HR generalists and employment lawyers advising multinational employers
  • Global mobility and expatriate assignment professionals
  • Health and Safety professionals at multinationals



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