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Social media has transformed society. And that includes interactions between employers and employees, interactions among co-workers, and staff interactions with the outside world. No organization can predict when its next employee with an agenda—or its latest ex-employee—will “go viral” with a post linking the company to controversial political positions, criticizing the business on an internet review site, chat room or blog, taunting a supervisor, harassing a subordinate, spreading rumors or lies about the brand, disparaging company products, launching a union drive, leaking trade secrets, or haplessly touting company products in a way that violates advertising laws.

In today’s social media environment, multinationals need a harmonized global approach to reining in inappropriate employee social media activity. But multi-jurisdictional legal challenges arise whenever a multinational employer crafts, launches, implements and enforces a social media policy across its worldwide operations. Global social media policy projects can get complex because they must comply with inconsistent laws worldwide while effectively reining in inappropriate employee social media postings.  Join Donald C. Dowling, Jr., Shareholder at Littler Mendelson P.C. as he offers practical strategies and how-to guidance for crafting or updating a workable cross-jurisdictional social media policy.


 What you will learn:

  • When, or whether, a single global approach to an employee social media policy is appropriate to apply across a multinational’s global operations
  • How to account for U.S. domestic labor law restrictions in a global social media policy
  • How to control employee free speech off-duty, off-site and on employees’ own tech equipment, in a global social media policy
  • Which topics a global social media policy should cover
  • What logistical steps are necessary to launch an enforceable social media policy worldwide


Who should attend:

  • In-house and outside employment lawyers advising multinational on global HR policies
  • HR professionals at multinational with responsibilities over HR policies internationally
  • Privacy and data protection professionals with responsibilities as to employee social media platforms


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