2-Hour Program

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As an attorney, you may encounter a potential legal ethics pitfall and not even know it. Whether your practice focuses on litigation or transactional matters, you're a senior partner or a staff attorney, the same ethics rules apply and ignorance is no excuse.

This concise program covers common and emerging ethical issues that attorneys engaged in a range of practice areas may face. Perennial topics such as the duty of confidentiality, the attorney-client privilege, and conflicts of interest are addressed, as well as attorney advertising, client communications and ethical traps related to social media use.

Topics include:

  • Practical ethics lessons addressing recurring topics, such as the attorney-client privilege, the duty of confidentiality, and conflicts of interest
  • How to identify "who the client is" in complex representation arrangements, and navigating the ethical issues concerning escrow accounts
  • Critical and newly-emerging legal ethics takeaways regarding candor to the tribunal, the "no-contact" rule, attorney advertising, social media use, and the unauthorized practice of law


Program Level: Basic

Intended Audience: Newly-admitted New York attorneys

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Prep: None

Credit Details

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