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Why You Should Attend

This program gathers the law firm counsel, litigation financing and investment bank perspectives at one table to discuss how each party can employ commercial litigation funding to generate client value.  Our experts review common concerns across parties and risk sharing arrangements, as well as how litigation funding is applied to M&A and private equity contexts when dealing with financially distressed companies.  This discussion sheds light on how investment bankers, law firms and litigation finance navigate the range of complexities that may arise when tying their interests to a common litigation matter.

What You Will Learn

  • The use of litigation by insolvent companies and their stakeholders
  • The economics of a litigation and its impact on company profitability
  • The fundamentals of litigation funding and key legal and ethical issues
  • When advisors should consider litigation funding as an option for their corporate clients
  • Examples of how litigation funding can be used in the M&A and private equity context to assist financially distressed companies


PLI’s Studio Briefings are on-demand video CLE programs that feature an intimate and engaging round table discussion format with legal and industry experts addressing a range of topics.  Visit our landing page for our library of PLI Studio Briefings.



Credit Details

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