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The Coronavirus pandemic has turned the United States, and the world, upside down. Obviously the pandemic reaches into most all aspects of daily life, on every front. One of the most urgent and profound effects is on the workplace--employers and their employees. Indeed, COVID-19-related employment problems implicate most all aspects of employment law: Workplace health and safety. Discrimination. Family/medical leave and paid time off. Wage/hour. Furloughs, shutdowns and layoffs. Employee privacy and HIPPA-regulated medical data. Labor union relations. Controlling non-employee independent contractors. Immigration. Expatriates and globally-mobile staff. Overseas operations. And more.

Leading this fast-paced session will be the leader and key members of Littler Mendelson P.C.’s 40-lawyer COVID-19 Task Force, who have been responding, around the clock, to Coronavirus employment questions since the outbreak began. The program will explain the real-world problems and challenges that Coronavirus has been sparking across disparate areas of employment law. And then it will offer, in Q-&-A format, tactical information, good practices and strategies for the most urgent Coronavirus questions employers are asking--as well as guidance for how employers should respond.

This session drills down on the practical steps employers should take in light of the Coronavirus, including:

  • Working with (or barring from the workplace): sick employees; asymptomatic-but-infected employees; employees who merely may have been exposed
  • Requiring: telecommuting; unpaid furloughs; quarantines; Coronavirus tests; staff disclosure of travel/direct contact with people being screened
  • Keeping non-essential facilities open and employees working
  • Keeping the workplace safe--while responding to unreasonable employee fears and demands
  • International issues: Overseas worksites; foreign travel and duty-of-care; inpatriates/inbound travelers from abroad; expatriates and their families


Who Should Attend

  • Employment lawyers
  • HR professionals
  • Business operations and privacy officers
  • Global mobility professionals



  • Alka Ramchandani-Raj - Chair of Littler’s 40-lawyer COVID-19 Task Force
  • Anna S. Park
  • Donald C. Dowling, Jr.

Credit Details

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