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Why You Should Attend

2020 was a year like no other.  The impacts of COVID-19 on the economy and the ways in which businesses operate, and the results of the 2020 Presidential election, will continue to affect the tax landscape as we move into 2021.  As a result, the coming year will surely bring new state and local tax challenges. State and local governments and tax authorities will be forced to balance the need to address revenue shortfalls and funding needs with the desire to employ incentive programs to attract much-needed business to their states.  In addition, although remote work has become part of almost every company’s DNA, there are still significant tax issues and opportunities relating to a company’s property footprint that must be taken into consideration as businesses seek to manage their expenses. 

For tax practitioners seeking a deeper understanding of these new and evolving issues in state and local tax, PLI is delighted to present this half-day program in which leading state and local tax experts will address these dynamic developments and trends. 


Topics Include

  • State and local responses to the 2020 election and the impacts of COVID-19
  • The state and local incentives landscape as a result of the changes in the US economy and workforce
  • Issues related to brick and mortar property footprints in the U.S., including property tax and unclaimed property/escheat


Who Should Attend

This program is designed for corporate tax managers, tax attorneys, accountants and anyone interested in examining sophisticated, cutting-edge state and local tax issues.


Program Level – Overview 

Intended Audience - Attorneys at law and accounting firms, in-house tax counsel and other tax professionals seeking a deeper understanding of the complex interaction between federal, state and local tax laws.

Prerequisites – Interest in exploring the relationship between federal, state and local tax laws.

Advanced Preparation – None

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