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While taxpayers, tax practitioners, and tax administrators continued to focus on reactions to the 2017 Tax Act and the Supreme Court’s decision in Wayfair, there have been many other hot topics in state and local tax in the past year.  Companies and their employees continue to face challenges in addressing the multi-faceted issues raised by the ever-growing mobile workforce.  In addition, technology and the changing global economy have led to many developments in combined reporting, taxation of digital goods and services, and other areas.  For those seeking a deeper understanding of these hot topics in state and local tax, PLI is delighted to present this half-day program in which leading state and local tax experts will address these dynamic developments and trends. 


Topics Include

  • Continued state and local responses to the 2017 Tax Act provisions and the Wayfair decision
  • Statutory and regulatory updates in key states and localities in the area of combined reporting and digital goods and services
  • Emerging state and local tax issues
  • State and local tax considerations of the mobile workforce, including short-term business travel


Credit Details

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