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Well-being is defined as “a continuous process towards thriving across all life dimensions.”  (The Report of the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being).

For decades, attorney well-being has largely been ignored in the legal industry, notwithstanding that, statistically, lawyers are some of the most unfulfilled, anxious, depressed, and unhappy professionals in the world.  Even if many lawyers do not appear to suffer from these serious issues, the bottom line is that we are not thriving as a profession, often feeling ambivalent or unsatisfied by our work.  In 2017, the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being, which was created in conjunction with the American Bar Association to improve well-being in the profession, emphasized that “to be a good lawyer, one has to be a healthy lawyer.”  This is true not just from the perspective of the well-being of an individual lawyer, but for the health and success of their respective organizations as well.  Healthier, happier lawyers are more organized, energetic, reliable, and creative -- and perhaps feel more connected to their careers, their organizations, and their clients overall.  In fact, the Task Force emphasized that well-being is part of a lawyer’s ethical duty of competence, as it is correlated to the ability to make healthy, positive life choices and responsible decisions for clients. 

Please join Domenic C. Cervoni of HSBC North America Holdings, Inc. and Jennifer M. Rosa of Mayer Brown LLP for a session that will focus on the importance of well-being in our industry and how it can impact the bottom line at law firms and organizations. Some topics include:

  • What does well-being mean, particularly in the context of the legal profession;
  • Findings from recent studies, including the Report of the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being;
  • Steps that law firms, corporations, the judiciary, and other legal organizations can take to prioritize and support lawyer well-being;
  • The importance of mental health in competently representing clients; and
  • Progress on well-being initiatives in the legal community thus far.


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