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Technology has always been part of medicine.  Digital health, AI, data analytics, and other new technologies present challenging legal  issues for the companies that develop and sell these technologies and the health care institutions that buy and implement them. Often health care technologies companies buy technology to build their technology. Data is not technology and does not manage itself. When AI and data analytics are used as used as change agents, data and IT are combined to provide medical advances, and novel and complex issues come to the fore and must be addressed in the multi-use, multi-vendor, and multi-stakeholder environment that characterizes today’s health care institutions.  Examine best practices for negotiating or renegotiating health care IT agreements; addressing intellectual property issues; handling AI and data, and tackling privacy and data security challenges. Our faculty of thought leaders will also look at the emerging legal issues and potential solutions to them, including over-the-horizon developments.

What You Will Learn

After completing the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of upgrading IT agreements for digital health
  • Know the issues in drafting and negotiating IT agreements from the health care system – patient and health care organizations – perspectives and the health care technology company perspective
  • Know factors to consider when creating a multiple vendor management ecosystem
  • Address contract issues when “Big Tech” companies enter the health care field
  • Diagnose critical considerations in data licensing, data sharing, data analytics, and data interoperability   
  • Recognize and assess issues related to implantables, wearables, and software-as-a-medical device
  • Identify best practices for handling data protection, privacy and cybersecurity        

Program Level: Overview 

Prerequisites: An interest in legal issues related to health care technology.

Advanced Preparation: None


Credit Details

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